01.March – 30. november
daily at 11:00 & 14:00

Meeting point:
Jørpeland harbour (Jørpelandsvågen)
Look for beachflag with Fjordexpedition.
Direktør Sæthers Gate 37, 4100 Jørpeland is the closest navi address.

Minimum People:
No minimum

3 hours (2,5hrs on the water)
complete tour distance 4-12km, depending on speed of the group.

Price range:
Online booking: 950 NOK adults / 750 NOK (age 8-16yrs)
Pay to guide in pier: 1050 NOK adults / 850 NOK (age 8-16yrs)

  • Adrenaline level: 10% 10%
  • Experience level: 5% 5%
  • Scenic beauty level: 75% 75%
Terms & conditions

These “Terms & Conditions” apply for any booking from us, wether it is a guided tour or rental. We have strict health & safety procedures, however when dealing with nature there always exists an element of risk. 
We reserve the right to make changes to the schedule or to cancel any tour or arrangement due to health, safety and weather conditions.
We reserve the right to make changes and adjustments to these terms and conditions without prior notification to any client. We will do our most to fullfill the terms that you agreed upon when booking. 

Cancellation policy is not changeable! 
We recommend all guests to have their own personaltravel / medical insurance. 
By paying for a tour we will assume that any client have read and agreed
to our terms and conditions.

For all kayak rentals the following statement must be agreed to: 
“I hereby state that I take the full responsibility for my own safety during the rental period. I am aware that seakayaking has certain risks, and I will consider these risks when I am on the water. I will return the equipment in the same
state as when I was given it.
If the equipment is not returned within the rental period, or damaged in any way, Explore Lysefjorden is entitled to put down extra costs according to the delay or damage. 

For kayak rentals we will not refund payments or cancel if the weather conditions are unsatisfactory to customers (rain, wind, snow etc).
If there is room in our schedule we may be able to rebook the rental.

Anyone interested in renting from us or signing up for a tour, should know that we exercise safety precautions in all that we do.
First time renters may be asked to take a safety course in sea kayaking (not diving, swimming, or any other water sport),  perform a self-rescue, attend an instructional class on wet exit drills (practice release of spray skirts) and rescues, or -rent and/or wear a wetsuit or other appropriate protective garment . 

All renters will be encouraged to exercise sound judgment, seamanship and selfresponsibility. 
We reserve the right to refuse services or rentals to anyone who is: underage and unaccompanied, intoxicated or otherwise impaired, unruly or overtly irresponsible, show signs of obviously bad judgment.
Please be aware that we will not refund pre payments to persons that have been refused rentals on any of the above grounds.

Customers are required to pay  100 %  in advance. Bookings should be done in our bookingsystem on our website. Only bookings on short note (same day or evening before, can be paid directly to us when we meet) 

Bookings are only placed in our calendar, and set at as -booked- after full payment is received.

Make sure you understand that you need to pay if you do not show up.

  • It will be the same cancellation policy here as above!
  • if you cancel your tour later than 29 days before tour start, you will not receive any money back!
  • A phone call to us, and asking to pickup a kayak or take part at a tour, and paying directly when picking up the kayak, can also count as a full booking.
    Due to we will keep the kayak on hold for you, while other people might want to book too.

Cancellation policy: 
If client cancel before tour start, the following refund will apply: 

  • 25% of the deposit is non-refundable, deposit will not be refunded
    If you have paid 100 % in advance the following refund rates will apply:
    • Over 4 weeks (30 days) before departure date: 75 % of any balance paid will be refunded.
    • 29 or fewer days prior to departure  we can not refund! 
      Once the tour has started there is no possibility for rescheduling. We reckon a tour or a rental as started at the given start time.

Please make sure to be in place before tour  or rental starts, if you are late the group may leave without you, or you do not get help when you come for renting. 
If this occurs we will not refund or rebook your tour.
If a client knows that he/she will be late, be advised to call in well in advance and we will do our best to book you onto another time. Be aware that any rebooking is subject to availability and not guaranteed.
Booking at late time (later then 29 days before start) should be payed by bank/our online booking system if possible, if not, payed cash or with card directly at our pick up points before tour start. 
Invoice will be sent if not showing up on late booking. 
Same roules as pre booked tours.
No refunds on this type of booking!

Cancellations by us in advance of tour/rental: 
We offer a new tour later, or refund 100 % !
Aware that kayaking carry a small degree of risk. Safety instructions will be given before every tour, all our guests must agree to follow these instructions. Explore Lysefjorden, Fjordexpedition or their guides cannot be held responsible for personal injury, equipment loss or damage when this is caused as a consequence of
not following instructions given.
Any lawsuit against Explore Lysefjorden, Fjordexpedition or any of their guides must be carried out in a Norwegian court, following the laws of Norway.

These guided kayak tours starts every day at 11:00 & 14:00 from the harbour in Jørpeland.

This guided kayaktour from Jørpeland is the top outdoor activity to do here next to the Preikestolen hike!
On this guided kayak tour you will paddle along the beautiful fjord with its small islands just outside the city of Jørpeland.

You will learn basic kayaking techniques while paddling in these stunning surroundings watching birds , jumping salmon, seals, beautiful coastline and the artwork called “Norwegian Stonehenge/Solspeilet”.

The guide will provide you with a lot of information about nature and local history.
This tour is even a nice experience in rain!

No prior kayak experience needed! Simple paddle techniques and safety instructions will be given by our guide. Suitable for people of most ages! (Except of children under 8 years)

You will paddle in double sea kayaks, which are really stable on the water. We have single sea kayaks available for more experienced paddlers.


Do like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. 

Hike to Preikestolen and experience the amazing views first hand.
This is a mission very much possible...

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