Fjordexpedition has over 10 years of experience in guided kayak tours and kayak rental in and around Lysefjorden.
You can choose between guided tours, or to rent a single or double kayak and explore the stunning fjords on your own. 
Either way, this is an amazing way to get close to the nature and the wildlife in Fjord Norway.
This will give you memories for life… 

Daily guided fjord tour from Jørpeland

Kayak rentals at Jørpeland

Kayak rentals in Lysefjorden


Do like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. 

Hike to Preikestolen and experience the amazing views first hand.
This is a mission very much possible...

Your gateway to unforgettable adventures in and around Stavanger, Norway. From kayaking the beautiful fjords, to rafting and sightseeing tje majestic nature of the region.
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