We expect booking to open up week 25 or 26, so stay tuned:-)

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday: 0900 – 2300
Saturday & Sunday: 08-14 / 17-23

All bookings are private, meaning you will have the sauna by yourselves
Max 10 persons per booking
Contact us if you want to make a booking outside opening hours


  • Children under 16 years old only if accompanied by an adult
  • Children aged 0-10 years old cannot participate in this activities


  • Choose between 1 and 2 hours


  • 1 hour: 225NOK per person

  • 2 hours: 300NOK per person


  • Booking can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours before reserved time
Sauna rules
  • Sit on your towel
  • Swimming in the fjord is your own responsibility. There might be strong current.
  • Only use fresh water on the oven
  • Leave the sauna if you feel uncomfortable
  • Make sure to remove all waste inside/outside before you leave the premises
  • Respect other guests, and be out of the sauna in time according to your booking
  • Turn of the light and lock up before you leave
  • If any damaged equipment but not urgent, please send us an email on For uther urgent matters, call 0047 919 03 919
  • If any medical emergency, call 113. You are located behind Coop at Øyren, Forsand

Enjoy the view of the entrance to Lysefjorden while taking a well-deserved break in our sauna at Forsand. Relax and let the day melt off your shoulders. Jump into the cold fjord, and hurry back inside to warm up again.

Using a sauna combined with intermittent cold dips is health-promoting for several reasons:

  • Relaxation
  • Stress reduction due to endorphine release
  • Social bonding with others
  • Various cardiovascular benefits


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