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4-9 people: 1800kr per person
10-20 people: 990kr per person
21-40 people: 690kr per person

Departure from:
Tourist information, Strandkaien 61, STavanger


  • Difficulty: 5% 5%
  • Feel like a viking 60% 60%

The Vikings have conquered Hollywood and are now returning home to Norway.
Join us and meet the Vikings!

With the recent hit series like The History Channel’s «Vikings» and the BBC’s «The Last Kingdom», the popularity of all things Viking has exploded. We have embraced this popularity and are proud to present the story of the Vikings – historically correct, with a touch of Hollywood.

The Viking Tour will give you the complete picture of the Scandinavian ancestors. Warriors yes, but they were also traders, explorers and great artists. The Viking Tour will bring back the Viking kingdom and its fascinating myths and legends.

Met by the Viking guide, who wears typical clothing from the Viking age, you will be led aboard – The Viking bus, which will be decorated, visualizing fearless Vikings battling and raiding. To get the true Viking experience, you are during the tour, offered to wear a Viking helmet. The tour includes stops at The Three Swords Monument, where many brutal battles took place as well as several other historical locations of great importance. Explore the longhouses at the Iron Age Farm, and hear about the daily chores from 1500 years ago.

At Sola we stop at the Doomstones – an ancient, mysterious monument standing in a stone circle formation. Archeologist have yet not managed to explain its purpose, but it could have been a sacreficial site used by the Vikings.

The tour ends back in Stavanger city where you will have the possibility to visit the Viking Voyages exhibition at the Museum of Archaeology, University of Stavanger, free of charge. Complimentary tea or coffee will be served at the  Museum of Archaeology, UiS. You will receive your very own Viking Diploma and call yourself a true Viking! 


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