Enjoy a relaxing fjord cruise on one of the most scenic fjords of Norway.

The most famous sights in the fjord is Preikestolen, or Pulpit Rock in english, Flørli with the worlds longest wooden steps, and Kjerag with the famous boulder wedged in the mountain’s crevasse.

Prices from 395 NOK 
Kayak / bicycle: 100 NOK per item

For questins regarding booking, contact visitor center:
+47 57 63 14 00

  • Stress factors 0% 0%
  • Scenic beaty 100% 100%
  • Memories for life 100% 100%

The tourist car ferry on Lysefjorden calls at Forsand, Refså, Songesand and Flørli on the route between Lauvvik and Lysebotn.

In the 2022 season which is from 20. May -11. September, the ferry has two trips in and and out the fjord every day according to this timetable:


Dep. Lauvvik09:0015:00
Dep. Forsand09:3015:15
Dep. Refså10:0015:30
Dep. Songesand10:3016:15
Dep. Flørli10:5016:35
Arr. Lysebotn11:4517:30
Dep. Lysebotn12:1518:00
Dep. Flørli12:5518:40
Dep. Songesand13:1519:00
Dep. Refså13:4519:30
Dep. Forsand14:3020:10
Arr. Lauvvik14:5020:20

In Lysebotn you can drive the 27 hairpin bends to Øygardstøl 600 meters above sea level, and this is the starting point for the hike to Kjerag. Another interesting and unique stop is Flørli with its 4444 steps to the top.

Car package: 5 pax, incl. car up to 6 m:

  • Note! When booking a vehicle, the driver is included in the price!
  • Note! Select “1 traveller” when ordering the car package! This product includes car, driver and up to 4 passengers.



Do like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. 

Hike to Preikestolen and experience the amazing views first hand.
This is a mission very much possible...

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