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Gøysa Gard – Lysefjorden guestfarm

Gøysa Gard – Lysefjorden guestfarm

Today, 30.11.19, Explore Lysefjorden has become the proud owner of the beautiful farm “Gøysa Gard”. Gøysa Gard has a perfect location in the small village Forsand, which is also the home of Lysefjorden, Preikestolen and Kjerag. From the farm, you have...
Week of the year in Lysefjorden

Week of the year in Lysefjorden

Lysefjorden is in the wind like never before, and the coming week is a very exciting week for Forsand and the whole region. The new Mission Impossible – Fallout, kicks of this packed week on Wednesday, August 1st. with a Norwegian premiere out on the mountain...
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