Rules for open fire

Here is the basic rules for open fires in Norway, and which precautions you should take

What is the general open fire ban?
In the spring and summer it will be quite dry in the ourdoors of Norway.
This increases the risk of forest and heather fire. In Norway,  it is therefore a
general bonfire ban from 15 April to 15 September. During this period it is forbidden
to light up fire and grill (also disposable grill) in or near forests and other outlying areas.
Although there is a general ban, you are allowed to light a fire where it is obvious that it can not start a fire. As an example, this can be if there is snow on the ground and it has been raining for a long time. You can also grill on the beach in good distance from forest and vegetation. It is also allowed to grill on
prepared barbecue and bonfires approved by the municipality.
If you use a disposable grill, remember to consider the fire hazard against the material underneath. Underneath the disposable grill it becomes very hot and the material can quickly fire or get damaged by the heat. Never place the grill directly on the ground, but use the supplied rack.

Can I grill in the garden?
You can grill in your own garden. Gardens are considered as landmarks and are not covered by the
general ban.

What is total bonfire ban?
If the hazard for a forrest fire is high, the local fire department may locally put a total ban on open fires outdoor. In practice, such a total ban means that you are not allowed to grill or ignite the fire in woods, other outskirts or on the beach. You may also not use campfire sites when there is a total
Grilling in your own garden is usually still allowed as long as you are comfortable.





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