Lysefjorden In Ultramarathon 2018

Are you fond of Norwegian nature and tough physical challenges? Then Lysefjorden In Ultramarathon might be something for you..

This amazing race is scheduled for the sixth time on 2 June 2018 and is the hardest ultra marathon in the region. The race starts at Oanes Quai at 08:30 and ends up in Lysebotn after 62km and gaining an elevation of 2500m. Most of the race goes in terrain, but some parts are also on road.

The course of the race changes from running down to the fjord, to climbing the highest mountain. By joining this race, will see Norway’s most popular mountain – Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock). During the trail , you will also see Flørli and the world’s longest wooden staircase in 4444 steps on the opposite side of the fjord. Towards the end of the fjord, you will look over to Kjerag with its characteristic ”Kjeragbolt”.

The race passes unique places like Hengjanenibbå (miniature of Pulpit Rock) and abandoned farms like Bratteli and Bakken hanging on to the steep mountain sides.

Lysefjord Running is the organizer of the race and aims to carry out this every year. The race is of great interest, and participants comes from all over the world to participate.
It’s a saying that one picture says more than thousand words. And looking at this movie about the race, we don’t think any more words are necessary.

You will find more information about the race and registration here:

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