We invite you to a variety of unique hiking adventures in Lysefjorden, all year round!

Norway is a land of fjords; valleys carved by glaciers long ago and now flooded by the ocean. Lysefjorden is one of the most beautiful fjords, and is located an hour’s drive from Stavanger in Norway. If you wish to see the most iconic natural attractions, or if you would rather visit the hidden gems, we can accommodate you with an experienced, friendly, and local nature guide. We take care of the transportation and logistics, offer clothes and equipment to rent, and provide the option of purchasing high-quality photos taken on the hike.

We offer group hikes with transportation from and to Stavanger, or private hikes which can be custom tailored to your desires. The tours are designed with safety in mind, and with the goal of connecting people to the culture, nature, and history, of this mountain wilderness


If you want to avoid the hectic city life and get a good night’s sleep surrounded by nature and stunning scenery, we recommend the following accommodations:
Gøysa Gard – An authentic farm in a small village, with a stunning view of Lysefjorden. The history of this place is rich and deep, going back as far as early Bronze age settlements. There have been people living on this location for thousands of years, and when you get here, you will understand why.
Preikestolen BasecampTheir Mountain Lodge offers hotel standard rooms, while Preikestolhytta offers guests rustic cabin charm. There’s also Hikers’ Camp, their glamping alternative. That’s an exciting alternative for children of all ages. You can also sleep under the stars at the lakeside WaterCamp.

Meet the guide: Erlend Berne

Meet the guide: Erlend Berne

Born just outside of Stavanger on the island of Hundvåg, Erlend is a true native to our beautiful region. Since he was a little boy, he has been fascinated by anything that moves and grows in nature. “As a child I was happy if you gave me a bucket at the beach and let me be off on my own to explore.”

Erlend’s fascination with living things grew with time, and eventually lead him to study the natural world at university, after serving his obligatory year in the military. Between 2006 and 2011, he attended NTNU – The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, in Trondheim. He earned a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in ethology, which is the study of behavior from an evolutionary perspective.  

After graduating, Erlend worked as a substitute teacher for a few years before becoming a photographer at Jotunheimen national park, north-east of the city of Bergen. “This galvanised my desire for a job where I could be out in nature.” Late in 2015, Erlend joined a small guiding company, taking people into the mountains. This was a job that would allow him to actively work with both of his passions: photography and the natural world.  Though that small company would close business after SARS-Cov2 impacted the world, Erlend could not see himself doing anything else for a living. He joined us at Explore Lysefjorden in late 2021, bringing years of experience and know-how with him. So, even though we are recent arrivals on the guiding stage of fjord-Norway, you will be in good hands if you book a hike with us!

Today, besides guiding guests from all over the world, Erlend’s main areas of responsibility are back-office functionality, photo editing and booking management. The hike Erlend arguably most enjoys to guide on is Preikestolen at sunrise. “Hiking in the quiet of night is magic. Twilight gives way to dawn as you arrive at Preikestolen, and you’re left standing there: at the edge of a new day, and at the edge of the world.” 

Erlend also has a lovely border collie named Balder, and the two are almost unseparable. You will often see this handsome dog on our Instagram feed!

The guide's dog: Balder

The guide's dog: Balder

Balder is Erlend’s trusty companion. Born on January 14th 2019, on a farm in Vikeså, he descends from a proud family of prize winning sheepdogs. Although his siblings quickly discovered the instinct to herd (something farmers refer to as “waking up”), little Balder didn’t seem all that excited to live the life of a sheepdog. Balder just wanted to play and cuddle. He was thus the last pup to be sold, despite his robust frame when young.

Erlend bought Balder the same day he found the advertisement about pups for sale, and the two have been inseperable since. The cuddly border collie is a testament to his species: playful and sweet; silly yet brilliant. And, of course, more giving of love than any person deserves. If any dog has ever earned the title “Man’s Best Friend”, it is Balder.

Erlend sometimes brings Balder for guided hikes (if every guest gives the okay), and if you want, he can perhaps join yours! Ask us about him, if you want to meet him!

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